It’s the time again, folks


Yup, Random Tuesday again. You know you love it

  • SO, I just finished reading a book in my office because I was that close to the end and thankfully, no one came by because I totally cried. <—-LAME.
  • I lost to my BIL in fantasy football by 4 points. FOUR POINTS!
  • In my other league, I beat a 19 year old boy whose handle is “Big Dick” by 30 points. Suck it!
  • Like The UnMom herself, my son’s also seeing monsters. Perhaps toddlers do have an uncanny ability to predict a zombie apocalypse. And when it comes, have you chosen your weapon? Mwuhahaha. (I’m going with double axes myself)
  • I am entering a vampire fiction contest. Wish me luck. It’s going to painful to finish what I have written but dammit, I want to win a Kindle.
  • Neighbour watch 2010: She’s not dead. But when she resurfaced – back feeding the cats of course – she looked pretty beat down. That’s what sitting on your ass all day will do, I guess.
  • Nine days ’til Bones, people.  I don’t think you can fathom my excitement.
  • Would you say this guy likes like he’d be named Aurelio?
  • Ok, now as per Keely’s request, I am off to visit five other Random Tuesday bloggers. I suggest you do the same.

4 thoughts on “It’s the time again, folks

  1. I’d stick with a crowbar myself. They’re pretty heavy and each end has a different use. The problem with an axe (or the like) is that a wooden handle can easily get snapped in two and then where are you?

    I’m a little too excited about The Walking Dead. Have you read it?

    1. Scott: Haven’t read Walking Dead but I have read reviews, since I’m the my site’s editor. I have a feeling I’d like it.

      Christina: Maybe a sneak peak. We’ll see…

  2. I know nothing about your neighbor and I know I could be totally off base here, and I’m sure the feral cats thing is annoying as hell. But the accusation that she’s just sitting on her ass all day…. I guess that stung me because I’ve had people accuse me of that. And we usually can’t know another person’s disability status just by looking at them. I hate feeling like people judge me for being less active than them. Even if she isn’t differently abled, what does it matter if she does sit on her ass all day? If you dislike her, don’t dislike her because of her perceived activity level, I guess is what I’m saying.

    That being said, I miss you. And I totally cry when I finish books all the time. My literary fiction writer friends make fun of me because I am totally prey to pop fiction’s way of playing with my emotions. I am but a pawn!

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