Cheesy, I know

Stealing this from someone on tumblr…


1. Ten things you want to say to ten different people.

-Nick (kid at Ell’s school) – Stop beating up on my boy, ok?
-Zane (other bully at school) – I wanna beat you ’til the white meat shows.
-Crazy bagger girl at Publix – Yo, I’ll be nice but you’re not, in actuality, my friend.
-Sherrilyn Kenyon – I am loving your books, hon, but PLEASE stop using the word “bodacious” in the 2000s. It’s just defunct.
-Boys in my other fantasy football league – You’re goin’ down!
-Sue White – I think about you every time I go past PetCo and yet I don’t ever stop to say hi
-Chris Nolan – You have yet to let me down with one of your films. Please don’t let Batman 3 disappoint
-Prof at school – It’s really weird sharing paranormal romances with you. I know far too much about you now.
-Ray Rice – Don’t disappoint me this season
-Ash – Luh you 🙂

2. Nine things about yourself.

-I’m normally a very neat person but I always throw my clothes and junk on the right side of my bed. It drives Ash bonkers.
-I tend to eat with my left hand, though I am not left handed
-Every now and then I write a 2 when I meant to write R
-I have very vivid memories of bright blue jellyfish washed up on the beach
-I really do have a thing for hair metal, even though it’s so old now
-I’m on the fence about having more children
-I’m scary good at puzzle games
-When I run, I write fiction in my head. Maybe one day I’ll finish this novel
-I hate birds. They’re dirty and have creepy beady eyes

3. Eight ways to win your heart.

Predict my mood and account for it
As in, make dinner
Play a song at just the right time
Pick up the slack and like, do dishes
Say something sincere
(Can’t think of more)

4. Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
-Paying bills
-Did I get a text?
-Mmmm… food
-Time to feed the baby?
-Is it Humpday Hotness time yet?

5. Six things you wish you’d never done.

-Been mean to Kennth Hackett in seventh grade
-Tripped my friend in third grade, causing her to break her arm
-Put so much stock in pretentious things
-Been such an ass to Ash early on in our relationship
-Been such a slack ass when it came to fashion
-Neglected my weight

6. Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)
Ash, Elliot, Isaac, Mom, Dad

7. Four turn offs.
-Popped collars
-Poor hygiene
-Trying too hard

8. Three turn ons.
-Jeans. And nothing else
-Alpha males
-Black hair and blue eyes

9. Two smileys that describe your life right now. (I’m doing emoticons, screw it.)

\m/ and o/\o

10. One confession.
-I once wrote Obi-Wan/Darth Maul fanfiction. And I must have mentioned that once on this site because someone got here last week by searching for that.

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