Changes and phases

Since Monday was a day off, I didn’t mind so much that Isaac decided to be starving at 4 AM, whereas he’s been waking at around 6 for nearly 3 months now. Tuesday began our four day stint of no Isaac daycare (his sitter gets a few weeks vacation each year and whaddyaknow – it was this week.) Every. single. day this week began at 4 AM. Isaac woke crying because he was hungry and had rolled over, which is always amusing because he’s so fricken’ proud of the fact that he managed to flop his body back to front but then a few seconds later, he howls in anger at his inability to flip back over and/or hold his head up longer than 30 seconds. I can handle Isaac’s wakings, because if the baby is hungry, well, that’s just something I must accept. What I cannot tolerate is Elliot being up at 4 and refusing to go back to sleep. Or play. He just whines to watch TV even in the face of my blatant rejection. No, sir. No TV at 4 AM. That’s just irrational!

This morning, at least, he was up by 5 instead. And Ash took the reins and tried to calm him, get him back in bed and reading books. It’s a little ridiculous how much he fights back now when we tell him no. He used to easily give in or refuse half-assedly and then accept fate but lately, it’s all out flailing and screaming. Sadly, I am afraid he inherited my temper.

I can only hope that this phase will end soon. We’ve been trying to wear him our more and push his bedtime back ever so slightly, in hopes he’ll sleep just a tiny bit more in the morning. I can tell you this: 5 AM is not really a time I like to see if I’ve only gone to sleep at 12. My afternoons have been shit this week. Around 4 I start to get a searing headache and feel so groggy. It’s affected my attitude, that’s for sure. There’s only so much that coffee can do, you know? So here’s hoping that I can get some more sleep tomorrow. I’m going to need it; we’re going balls to the walls tomorrow on potty training. Lord help us all…

One thought on “Changes and phases

  1. 1) Oh my God, the crying after flipping over and not being able to get back phase drove me NUTS! I seriously considered sacrificing a goat to whatever god would get her to figure out hot to roll back over the fastest.

    2) Good luck on the temper. I feel that it will be my punishment to have children with tempers as great as mine. I expect bad, bad things. I hope yours is just a phase!

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