Summer’s nearly over

If there’s one thing I look forward to all year it’s Autumn. The first cool mornings when I open the door for the dogs and that air hits my face, letting me know that summer will soon be waning. I stopped by Starbucks this morning and had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season. It’s another indication that Fall is on its way, though they seem to up this product’s debut every year.  I know some places in the country may already be cold but here, we’re just on the verge. Summer is on its way out, thankfully, and we can move into the next season.

I organize my Flickr pictures by months, every four months, to be exact. When September began, we were in the later months of 2010. And I had a slight moment as I remembered how, every year, a small part of me dies as we get into the days leading towards Thanksgiving, then Christmas and then the moment when we put up the next year’s calendar and one more era has come to a close. I get sort of sad in these last four months. Even though I love Fall and pumpkins and Halloween…Thanksgiving food, frosty mornings, Christmas and seeing family…my emotions go all wonky. I wish I had better words to explain it but there’s a certain blue-tinting to my days as they slip away towards 2011. Towards my sons being older. And once the new year begins, my birthday isn’t  long after. I know this sounds like an awful defeatist attitude but sometimes it just seems like time is slipping through my fingers and I cannot hold on.

I should simply embrace all the goods things, I know. Like when Isaac is happily playing on his fishy activity mat… and not screaming his ever-loving head off. Or when Elliot’s agreeable and eats his food and doesn’t spit at us when we ask him to do one little thing. Or when I get that rare moment to myself, be it in the bathroom or the car and it’s quiet… oh-so quiet. I mean, I’ve read four books in the past three weeks. I consider that an act of magic, right there. And as lame as it sounds, being able to churn through these books keeps me balanced, just like the running.

Oh, the running. I started back up last Thursday. It was a decent run. I only did two miles and I stuck to flat land and the knee was alright. It ached a little in the beginning but once I hit blacktop it sort of numbed out enough to push through. On both Saturday and Monday I did a three miler and iced. Knee’s a little sore today but I can’t NOT run anymore. My stomach – just in my three week hiatus – has turned a little more jiggly. And it drives me nuts.

But with summer almost gone, I look forward to Fall/Winter runs. And yes, even to that weird feeling where your insides are on fire from the burning muscles but your outside is frozen. It’s such an odd sensation and yet, it’s on my list of to-dos.

SO, what’s your favorite part of Fall and Winter? Are you glad to see the Summer pass?

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