Frantic, discombobulated; must be Tuesday


  • Damn, I cannot seem to blog on a regular basis anymore
  • This post is gonna jump around a lot
  • The other day after school, Elliot said he got to watch Lion King (it had rained all afternoon) and he went on an on about Simba’s daddy… and how he couldn’t wake up. He went to sleep and couldn’t wake up. Groan. How do you tackle that? I think I’ll wait a year… or ten.
  • Songs I recently added to my running playlist: Justin Timberlake – Sexyback,  Old Crow Medicine Show – Down South Blues, Prince – I wanna be your lover, Foreigner – Hot Blooded, and Tool – Prison Sex. I think it’s rather an eclectic mix. I haven’t really gotten anything new in a while but revisiting old stuff is nice
  • Speaking of running, I’m up to 16 miles a week. Though, to put this in perspective, Ash ran 16 miles on Sunday alone
  • Every time I run past this lake, I think how pretty it is and nice to be running alongside it. Until I smell the odorous stink of low tide and goose shit. Sometimes I even cross the street to avoid the stench
  • I am completely and totally over Elliot and diapers. He needs to figure out this potty training stuff pronto
  • I think my camera is on its last legs; the lens makes clicking sounds every time it opens. I do NOT have the money to buy one right now
  • Over the past two days I have made comments on friends’ blogs only to find an error page after I submitted them. It  may have been one of YOU; I apologize
  • Is it Fall yet? Sigh.
  • I would love some lemon sorbet RIGHT NOW
  • Forty four days until season 6 of Bones starts! >Does a dance<
  • Over and out: I have a literal ton of filing to do.

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