Switch it up

A Sunday Scribbling prompt

There isn’t anyone I would want to swap lives with. However, if put to it, I guess I would choose… any one of my friends who is married with kids. For one day, I would love to see how they handle all the little mundane things. Do their kids wake them up at 6:30? Do they stumble through the day with TV arguments and time outs and Target outings and decisions, fights, fun times, etc? I’d love to see how their husbands react to these times and how they end their days. Do they crawl into bed with their husbands once the kids are asleep or is one checking Twitter while the other plays video games? I’d probably figure out that we all have magical moments with our family and not-so-perfect times and that we all struggle. In fact, it would probably be a really great thing to experience in a sort of “grass is always greener way.”

4 thoughts on “Switch it up

  1. when we raised our kids it was all of those things. If you are thinking of kids then spending a day or two checking it out would be as awesme switch.

  2. Funny we all sculpt our lives to suit our own needs. But the basics are all pretty much the same with life being a roller
    coaster ride of ups and downs for all. Each of us with a different lesson to learn. The grass is never greener….

    Well written…enjoy the great parts, roll with the rest!

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