Since the in-law visit, I have been, well, away. For starters, my computer sort of died so I reloaded it only to have that problem again. Luckily, we have a backup laptop. My sister and her boyfriend came one day after the in-laws left and then our weekend was busy and now, our bathroom remodel has begun. Well, our bath tub replacement, which is sort of avalanching into a bathroom remodel. There’s always something else that comes up, isn’t there?  What kind of tile and what sorts of fixtures? Now we need a sheetrock guy and oh, we ought to take this opportunity to put in an exhaust fan. Then we are sandwiching the tub installment between the tile guy’s demo and tile replacement. It’s all sort of nuts and chaos and oh what I wouldn’t give for a Subway tuna sandwich and a shower right now.

I took Ell to daycare then came home to meet the tile guy and then, on a rare silent moment from Isaac, ate some Lean Cuisine cardboard. The worst part about these home improvement things, to me, is making the right decisions. I have a hard time trusting any workers. I am sure they’re probably on the level – especially our plumber because we’ve always used him – but you can only watch so many shows on HGTV about botched jobs before you don’t trust anyone.

I feel so bound by this project. Have to be here, waiting. The tile guy just finished cleaning and left but now I am waiting for a sheet rock guy to come give me an estimate. I would much rather leave the house for thirty minutes; save my sanity.

OK, So THOSE guys came and went and OMG, you guys, I get to take a shower! It’s the little things in life, you know?

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