All present and accounted for

Coffee? Check.

Baby sleeping? Check.

Itunes on shuffle? Check.

Digg, Facebook, Tumblr, Hotmail and Twitter open? Check

Dogs sleeping on the couch? Check.

This is my normal morning routine. I’m integrating a walk here and there, spending more time bonding with Isaac, now that he’s opening his eyes more and trying to act like a human. I know I have lamented it a TON this week but I am not quite into the maternity leave thing yet. Day to day it’s good and bad. But then again, this is life in general so maybe I ought to just get the hell over it, right? Ok, ’nuff said.

SO, moving right along. I pre-ordered Dead in the Family, the newest installment in the Sookie Stackhouse series. I haven’t read that stuff in a while and moved onto other vamp novels so it’ll be interesting to get back to that plot.

I mowed the lawn, as I promised myself, yesterday. I also nearly shed a tear when, returning from my afternoon walk, I noticed that the neighbour’s lawn service FINALLY trimmed the hedge between our properties. I tried to but it’s too tall and I bemoaned the fact that it looked like garbage but no one would ever freaking trim it. But they did! I was so happy to have my lawn looking normal again. Plus, the four houses around me all got mowed so I HAD to, for posterity.

I’ll be trekking to the comic shop this Saturday because it’s Free Comic Book Day, which – if you don’t know – is a Big Deal in the comic world. I never really go for whatever free stuff they give but more for the local shop’s deals on back issues. Not that I should be spending money while on leave and not bringing in very much.

Going to get the babe in the stroller and get my exercise on before it rains. Hope everyone’s having a good Friday!

Oh, and here’s a baby pic:

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