Goals and objectives

I was reading a friend’s (psuedo-anonymous) blog and it seemed a good idea to round up some of my recent goals as well. As mentioned, maternity leave is a strange limbo time that can afford one the time to accomplish many tasks or break down their will to go on and render them useless unto the late afternoon HGTV programming. So, here’s a semi-complete list of shit I gots to get done.

  • Mow the damn lawn. And trim the hedges.
  • Find and organize all “important documents”. They’re in a file folder now but I think I can do better. (Have you renewed your driver’s license lately? In Florida at least, they want about 6 documents from you.)
  • Finish Isaac’s baby book. I got it pretty much near complete but it needs a few birth pics.
  • Acquire and read the next installment in the Sookie Stackhouse series (May 4th!)
  • Begin an exercise routine. If nothing else, walk with Isaac at least once a day for 15 minutes. Build up to running.
  • Make coffee at home. Stop spending 3 dollars a day after dropping Elliot off at school.
  • Take at least one picture a day, no matter what of, but preferably the baby 🙂
  • Watch Carnivale, which I got on DVD for Christmas.
  • Wear the baby more; he appears to like being upright.
  • Write, write, write!

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