• We finally got Inglorious Basterds in the mail; it was a “very long wait” and they weren’t effing kidding. But as with all Tarantino films, there’s a huge build up and then you watch the film and leave feeling like it lacked somewhere. It was… OK. Nothing special. The dude who won best supporting actor definitely deserved it but I see why the movie didn’t win best picture.
  • I opened all the blinds so sunlight can come in and I won’t feel so unmotivated. It seems to work.
  • I uploaded cool pictures to my tumblr, which I had been neglecting.
  • My new favorite HGTV show is Color Splash. That David Bromstad is adorable when he gets excited about designs.
  • I made brownies two days ago and then yesterday, I realized how little I actually feel like eating them.
  • How soon after childbirth should I start working out again? The elliptical calls to me.
  • I just ate the heel of a loaf of french bread with butter. At 9 o’clock in the morning.
  • Making lasagna later in hopes that can be my 3-5 PM activity to stave off the apathy.
  • Going now to feed the beast known as Isaac.

3 thoughts on “Diversions

  1. HGTV show Color Splash – His paintings are AWESOME. I like how he just whips them up as if it were nothing at all….

    Working out…they (those Doctors) recommend SIX weeks. You still have some time. Take it easy, you just spent NINE months growing a baby! 🙂

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