Birthday weekend

March has been sort of, well, insane. In a lot of ways, I was thinking I would go into labor super early – like, 35 weeks – but I am now almost 37 (on Wednesday) and things are looking just fine. But between an illness a couple weeks ago – which, btw, SUCKS when you can’t take a single damn thing – and class and work and Elliot, etc, I haven’t really SEEN this month.

However, this past weekend was really really nice. Friday was date day so Ash and I went for Mexican, of course, and then to see The Bounty Hunter, which wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be. My afternoon was relaxing and the evening even better because a box from my parents arrived. It had a birthday gift from Body shop with all these related scents; the exfoliating scrub, an oil, and a little baby sponge. As well, there was a baby gift and a gift card for the new baby from my aunt. PLUS, the seven books in this series that I won on Ebay came. Sure, I just read them but I wanted to re-read. In some ways, these have helped keep me sane in the evenings when all I want to do is lay around and feel gigantic and pregnant.


Friday evening Elliot and I were driving out of the neighbourhood to pick up some dinner and I had a flashback sort of moment. Down the street lives the son of one of Ash’s former bosses. He’s a professional poker player, around our age, and has a girlfriend who recently moved in with him. The two of them were riding bikes. On my way back home, I saw them in the front yard tossing a football back and forth. And I thought to myself, that was me and Ash, years ago before Elliot. I had this realization, then, that I am about to become a mother of two children. TWO. I feel like I’m not old enough or something. I look in the mirror and I still see that early twenties girl who rides her bike on weekends and sometimes throws keggers on the deck and plays beer pong and spends countless hours enjoying my youth.


Saturday was my birthday and it was awesome. I made pancakes for breakfast and then Ash took Elliot out to run errands while I cleaned. Sure, that doesn’t sound all that nice on my own birthday but you must understand how much cleaning means to me. So that was nice and then Ash made lunch AND did the dishes. Ell went down for his nap and I mowed the lawn. Again, 36.5 weeks and working hard but you see, I actually really love mowing so it’s no biggie. I rested all afternoon and Ash watched Elliot. Around 5:30 we went to a new hibachi place in town and I must say, I think we liked it better than the tried and true Osaka, where we usually go. Ash said his filet was better and my shrimp definitely was. The only thing that worried us was that it was not very busy. Granted, Tallahassee had just had its annual spring festival so I am sure a lot of families were exhausted and not in the mood to eat out. I’m hoping that’s it; I liked it! We hit up the playground afterwards and it was semi-crowded but still really nice. The weather was beautiful and I sat on a bench watching the sun set over the park’s trees while Ash chased Elliot around.


I remember when I was a kid and I’d go to my friends’ houses for sleepovers. For the most part, they were always awesome good times. But I specifically remember that every day after a sleepover I would be in a particularly foul mood. I don’t know how to explain it but I noticed this trend early on in life. On Sunday, I was in a pretty bad mood, in general. I had a very short fuse for dealing with Elliot and I resented Ash for getting to go out, which he gets to do on Sundays and I am usually OK with it. But on days where I’m drowning from the get-go… UGH. I managed to recover the day alright; Elliot and I ran some errands and Ash was home in time to spend an hour or two with Elliot then put him to bed. I mostly laid around reading for the rest of the evening though.

All in all, a good weekend and I am one year older, perhaps wiser, and it’s a new week wherein I feel motivated to get stuff done, especially in regards to planning labor/Elliot back-up plans. Because who knows when that’ll all happen! The thing is, you just don’t. But you move forward with some kind of handhold on the future, hoping it will all turn out OK. And it will.

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