I lost last week

The Cold That Wouldn’t End drove me mad all week. I coughed, I sneezed, I worked in a fog. Between the cold and Baby Brain, I didn’t know which way was up and I got little accomplished. Since I felt like pummeled trash, I was remiss in cooking – basically- all week long. On Monday night, we picked up a pizza. On Tuesday, we went to Logan’s Roadhouse. Wednesday, we picked up Boston Market. Thursday… oh, that’s right, I spent Thursday evening in Triage.

Monday night, I woke with one of those horrifyingly painful leg cramps that pregnant women often get. I surprised myself by being so calm about it. I have had them before – with Elliot – so I knew it would subside quicker if I didn’t try to flex my leg or freak out or anything. The next day, my leg was still sore, which is pretty common. But on Thursday, the pain had ratcheted back up to cramp status and there’s no reason for that. SO, I decided it could be one of two things, from reading in my multitude of pregnancy books: either a pulled muscle or a blood clot. The latter being rather serious. The nurse at my doctor’s office, once I called, made it seem so and I ended up going in around 3:30.

I was there maybe only four and a half hours but it was… interesting. I got put into a private room within 5-10 minutes of checking in. They strapped me up to a fetal heart rate monitor and he was doing fine so I got to take it off after a bit. I lucked out that my doc was on call so he looked at my leg and went ahead and ordered an ultrasound for it. That was the bulk  of my wait; the transport lady took a long time to come get me. The ultrasound tech was nice but she spent an amazing amount of time right behind my knee.

Turns out not to be a clot but I did have some slow blood flow back there. Doc told me to keep moving the leg and put lots of heat on it. Wasn’t much better on Friday but by Saturday it felt fine. Pregnancy ailments are weird like that. It could be something really serious – like impending labor – or it could be, you know, gas or something. You just don’t know! I don’t like all the uncertainty.

BUT, things are looking up this week so far. Four more weeks to go in this whole process and I am definitely ready. Ready to move on.

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