Mental Vacation

Ash has been on vacation in his mind for a few days now; it’s pretty obvious. Not that I don’t normally have to repeat myself but it’s been worse than usual. Last night, knowing he was taking today off, he fell asleep around 8:30 and woke around 3 AM. I already don’t sleep well so his early waking didn’t bother me all that much. When I was leaving at 7, he had crawled back into bed and was silently shutting down, preparing for our four days of freedom.

I would say I am jealous but I really can’t think about sleeping right now. I have to pack and run about five errands and make sure the car is all situated before we can even begin the roughly three hour forty minute trip.

We’re planning a few things during our trip. Mainly: eat at Bob Evans, shop at Ikea, and attempt to experience Black Friday. Ash has never done it and would like to, though I really have no desire to get up that early and risk being trampled. My mom and dad are going to take Elliot to the zoo though, while we’re out fighting the crowds. He’ll like that; we didn’t see an elephant at the Jacksonville zoo – which was disappointing considering that Jax is the largest city – so it’s amazing that little ol’ Sanford, Florida has one. I’m personally looking forward to meeting Justin, my sister’s boyfriend. He seems like a pretty good guy, though he’s a Cowboys fan so we’ll have to rag on him for THAT. “America’s Team” my ass. If sucking that bad is being “OUR” team, then we suck too. Poor, poor America!

Boy, THAT was a tangent.

So anyway, work got busy and I got sidetracked but I hope everyone has a great holiday. I’ll try to check in over the next few days. Don’t eat too much!



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