Oh no! NaBloPoMo!

Loaf reminded me that November is fast approaching and ever year I do try to post one time each day. I am really reluctant to even attempt NaBloPoMo this year because there’s just so much other junk I have going on. Aside from the general motherly and wifely duties, household chores, my 40 hour a week job AND teaching a class, I have picked up some other writing stuff lately.

For one – and this is the minor thing – it’s my month to review Bat-books in a Livejournal community I belong to. This shouldn’t be too difficult but they have to be Bruce-Batman and not Dick-Batman, which is really all I am reading since Bruce is chillin’ in some cave in the past, patiently waiting for Tim to come save his ass.

The second thing is that I now write for A Comic Book blog. I have to post about two to three times a week and since I actually care about this, it’s something I’m putting time and effort into. I’ve done a couple reviews and a top ten list (that got a ton of hits; that makes me happy!) so I’m definitely glad to be doing some extra writing here.

This isn’t to say I can’t find some time to post a blog entry but what I really worry about is finding content. I know that their site gives you prompts and I may even use them this year. My life just isn’t as whirlwind exciting as it may have once seemed. Also? i don’t spaz out about things as much and I try not to complain either so there’s not some easy answer to filler posts. Sure, stuff has come up. Last week my sister went to the hospital because she was having immense pain.Turns out she had a bladder infection. She’s still having issues recovering but she’s ok now. Gave my parents quiet a scare though. Things come and go in our lives but they’re not always blog-worthy.

I guess National Blog Posting Month makes them blog-worthy. I don’t know. I DO know that I have some work to do and it’s high time I got started on that.

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