You know, like the Jeopardy category.

The weekend entailed: my parents hanging out with Elliot, dinner at Bonefish with Ash, our anniversary stay at the McFarlin house, chocolate molten lava cake, jacuzzi tubs, 100 dollar Best Buy gift card for a new vacuum, Football, anger at the neighbours for feeding those damn cats, napping, and beautiful weather.


Where the Wild Things Are did not disappoint me like I was afraid it would, having read everyone else’s opinion. Let’s say this: I spent the entire time trying to figure out which monster represented which kind of person in a society led by a king and then 3/4 of the way through, I realized it was more like family instead. And I bawled my eyes out in the end. If you have a son, then you get it.


Have you seen that ATT commercial where this guy is running around all frantic trying to get various things and it turns out to be for Mariah Carey? Yeah, that’s our friend, Dan. He made a ton of money on that commercial. Also, he was in Law Abiding Citizen with Gerard Butler but all his parts were cut at the last minute. Bummer!


Elliot has entered a new phase where he’s decided to be afraid of random things. Cases in point: a helicopter flew over our house and he ran inside. In the tub, he flipped out because there was a piece of grass (presumably from when Ash rinsed off after his run) floating amidst the toys and bubbles and he kept shouting, “Ew, bug!” and he wouldn’t sit back down. I’ve never known Elliot to freak out about flying things or bugs and now he’s terrified. Kids are so weird.


I went into Best Buy around 5 PM yesterday to merely look at vacuums. I took one down to see how heavy 11 pounds felt and an associate approached me. I asked which one gets bought most often and he directed me towards a Eureka for 130 bucks. I wasn’t trying to play on his sympathies but I told him I had 100 dollars to spend and I needed something that would work well for dog hair. He said he could get that one discounted and looked in his computer. Sure enough, he marked it down to 105. Twelve dollars out of pocket and I am the proud new owner of this: Eureka!


Later this week I get to do the infamous solo parenting gig. Haven’t had to in a while due to the recession. The government really cut back on sending their employees to events so Ash hasn’t had to attend the four or five yearly conferences. But he’s got to go to Tampa later this week. It isn’t ever so bad; it’s just the dropping off AND picking up, the grocery shopping immediately after all that and then food, bedtime, and then I’ll just pass out from lack of anything better to do and sheer pregnancy exhaustion. Though this second trimester has given me more energy, I know that mentally, I will feel worn. I should probably plan ahead the meals Elliot and I will eat as to avoid that post-work Publix trip. God knows that’s the worst time to shop because every single other person on this side of town will also be there, frantic for a dinner option. Sigh.

That is all for now.  I have a to-do list long as my arm and I have yet to cross anything off. Better get started!

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