Give credit where credit is due

For a very long time, I held myself very high in comparison to Ash. I mean this only in terms of household chores, mind you. I do most everything. As do most moms/wives/. I read an article in the newest Fit Pregnancy/Parents/Parenting magazine (whichever one it was; we’re inundated even though I don’t even want those things anymore) that said something like – if I remember right – 30% of mothers say that their husbands are doing about 20% of the chores while they do the rest. The part that struck me as the most true is the “mental to-do list” that moms keep track of, whereas most fathers don’t realize that the diapers are running low or we need more raisins, etc.

But I want to take a second to list a few things Ash has done recently that deserve a shout out. For one, he’s been really good about writing general food things on our grocery list. I pounded a nail into the wall right by the back door and hung a small notepad and this was all it took for him to remind us when we need peanut butter, bananas, or other foods he typically eats.

Secondly, since I do the laundry, it tends to end up on our guest bed in a state of unfoldedness for a while and then I get to it but I tend not to put it away. The other day, I noticed that he’d taken all of his clothes and put them into the armoir. He should have taken them all, yes, but this is a big step!

Thirdly, he asked me to pick up Elliot yesterday – which is rare unless he’s getting a hair cut or, like then, having to do some extra work project. He managed to finish up and get home about 10 minutes before us and I came home to see him washing the dishes. Mind you, these were dishes from meals he did not eat. Because one of his unwritten all the time jobs is dishes after a meal that I make for us. So again, another big point for him noticing something and actually taking initiative.

I am pretty sure he doesn’t read my blog but in case he ever did, II think it’d be nice of me to acknowledge these things. We all want credit and approval for the things we do, even if we ever say it. So, thanks babe. I appreciate it!

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