Too much junk in the trunk

I am normally a very tidy person. I keep my surfaces generally clutter free (not all the time but I am timely in cleaning up) and I pride myself on a junk free car. Except when I was getting out in the work parking lot this morning and I realized how much crap is in my car right now. Here’s a semi-complete list of the contents:

  • Islands of Adventure large umbrella
  • Box of CDs I intended to sell but CD Warehouse went out of business
  • Yoga mat
  • Two pairs of kid socks and one tennis shoe
  • One pair of kid flip flops
  • Two jackets: mine and Elliot’s
  • A Diego Tricycle
  • Various granola and snack bars
  • Straw wrappers from Starbucks
  • Napkins/used Kleenex
  • Three sippy cups half filled with water
  • An athletic bag containing yellow flag football flags
  • One pair of cleats covered in caked on red clay
  • One plastic dinosaur
  • One makeshift teddy bear from a church, given to us in the ER
  • Paperwork from the dermatologist appointment back on the 11th

As you can see, the contents of my car could easily serve to make a very interesting Freshman comp writing assignment. How do these items define the person (or family) who owns this car?  There’s also a lot of detail driven writing that could come from this. It’s almost sad that I think in writing assignments.

So, what’s a place where you have a collection of stuff, what is it, and how would I interpret you just by those things? Do tell!

2 thoughts on “Too much junk in the trunk

  1. I am one of those people with a messy car. Seriously, there is way too much to list here. You would get in my car and think “Wow, this is a mess.”

    The only other collection of stuff I have is craft supplies, mostly yarn. You would think “Gee, this person likes yarn, A LOT.”

  2. Lately, since my car has been out and about a bit more than usual and no longer serves as counter space in the garage, I now have a table sitting beside my chair upon which crap accumulates. Currently, there are:

    1) several empty cigarette boxes
    2) my daughter’s diary (which I am so not reading)
    3) a soiled paper plate
    4) a bottle of orange juice with the lid on (since the bees are swarming)
    5) a Daughtry CD (my wife’s)
    6) the soundtrack for Where the Wild Things Are
    7) a box containing a once-used Netgear Wireless-G adapter
    8) an empty coffee cup from McCafe
    9) two fine-toothed combs for the dog, because of the fleas
    10) various pieces of mail, mostly catalogs that we never subscribed to
    11) an empty clay pot
    12) a fork

    and a bunch of other detritus that I could mention but my laptop battery is running low, so there’s no time . . .

    Yeah, I’m a slob.

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