There and back

Total miles logged: 911.7.
Different Florida interstates navigated: 7
Eggs eaten: More than usual
Hours slept: Less than usual
Strange beer find: Wailua wheat ale with passion fruit
Bad movie forced to sit through: Mamma Mia
Children who came back to Tallahassee with me: 0

Thursday evening began just fine, though I managed to forget a few important items and had to swing back by the house before getting to I-10. I was not my usual organized self when I began this trip due to well, ok, I guess I can tell you. I had been nine days late getting my period. I thought this was the one that would stick. And yet, I started bleeding on Wednesday night and didn’t stop until last night. Something tells me that I am not, actually, pregnant. So my brain was a little wonky as I set out to my parents’ house in Orlando.

That stretch of the trip was pleasant: Elliot slept fine and I listened to some new songs I put on the ipod (old stuff like Toto and Asia). When I finally made it, around 10:40 PM, I was exhausted and went to bed glad to be done with driving for the time. The following morning we all – my sister included – went for breakfast before my mother, Elliot and I would drive down to Palm Beach Gardens to see my grandparents. From there, a lot of things happened. Here are some of the goods:

My grandparents loving Elliot at this stage; homemade lasagna; early bedtime; sunsets on the canal; swimming; getting a tan; peach gelato and a trip to Lush; afternoon rain and watching it on the patio; walks at dusk to help settle dinner; early morning beach walking; breakfasts that consist of eggs and spinach (among other things); big lizards with curly tails; Elliot being a good travel buddy.

And here are some of the bad things about this trip, of which there seem to be more than normal. I have made these trips before…

Cutting the side of my foot on something at the beach and not realizing it until later; upset stomach to the nth degree; having to sit through Mamma Mia, the last 15 excruciating minutes especially; forgetting about 4 items and going to Target, only to realize in twenty minutes I forgot something else… and something else after that; very hard twin bed that killed my back; annoying dog-in-law; going to get gas on my way home to find the first station was out of regular; going to another station that had pre-pay only and bars on the windows; going to a third station where I got gas but it had no cut off valve and gas spilled all over my car and ankles; heavy rain during my entire drive home (‘least it washed off the gas!); upset stomach and three rest stop visits, one of which had no toilet paper.

I don’t want to undercut the weekend by simply saying it was “interesting” but that’s all I can seem to conjure up. It ran me ragged. But the kicker is that my mother had the grand plan to keep Elliot until Tuesday evening. They’re coming up here anyway to tend to more things with my grandfather’s house in Alabama. I was compeltely fine with this idea of course. He and I spoke on the phone this morning and he doesn’t seem to miss me one bit. But he will. I miss him but moreso than that, I feel out of place when I don’t need to get up as early and feed him, dress him, and take him to daycare. I got to work early and didn’t quite feel like myself. It’s strange. But I think Ash and I are going to dinner this evening to enjoy the restfulness of it and then renting a movie. It’ll be nice, though I know I will long for my boy soon enough.

My day ahead holds many things so it’s time to get started. I leave you with a few memories of my whirlwind trip of Florida.




Entire set can be found here

One thought on “There and back

  1. Hey, cute kid. I don’t have one myself, but I just LOVE my boyfriend’s 5 year old son. He only spends every other week with us, and the weeks he’s not here, he is with his mom. And although he’s not shy to let us know he wants to be with his mom on our weeks, I’m pretty sure when he’s over there, he barely thinks about us. But what can I do? I love the kid to death.

    And you’re right– Mamma Mia sucked. I think it’s because they had too much fun making it, it feels too much like a home video.

    Until our next Tweet!

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