Brief illness

A student of mine missed class on Thursday. He did, however, come to his conference yesterday and explained his weird symptoms last week: headache, then fever, and then he slept for about 12 hours, waking up feeling much better.

Yesterday, around noon or so, I began to feel kind of sick. By 4, I was having chills. By 8 pm, I had a fever and a headache. By 8:30, I was in bed and didn’t get up (except for 2 AM when I put the dogs in their crates; they take up a lot of space in the bed) until 7. And today? I feel at about 90%, hitting at about maybe 5 cylinders. Not bad, I say. But it was weird. There have been some confirmed cases of swine flu on campus so my first thought – of course – was to keep Elliot safe. Then I began to feel guilty if I had unknowingly taken it down to my poor grandparents. But since I am not, in fact, sick, I think we’re OK.

During my sleep, I had two strange dreams. In one, I was sweeping my kitchen floor, which I did not do in real life before falling into bed. So in the dream, the dirt was literally in piles. Two foot high piles. And they were all over my kitchen. My psyche apparently freaked out about not accomplishing this. The second dream was also weird: I had Elliot with me at work and we were talking to someone in the halls when class let out. Amidst all the students, I lost sight of him. For a good while, I ran around the second floor shouting his name. I finally had to call the FSU PD and they evacuated the building when I then found him sleeping on the floor in one of the classrooms. I swept him up in my arms and I distinctly remember thinking I’d never let him go again. It’s weird being away from him; I almost didn’t think I would miss him like I do.

It’s always weird to be sick for a short amount of time; nothing gets accomplished and I feel like a waste of space and yet, lack the motivation to do anything. It’s depressing and relaxing at the same time.

I have conferences today so maybe I shall post some other random stuff throughout the day.

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