The Twilight Series review (bear with me)

If you are averse to people who “switched sides” or actually wanted to read this and have not, well then, get thyself elsewhere ASAP.

SO.  I never wanted to give into the travesty that is Twilight. I heard what it was about and firstly, I’m not that much into vampires. I read some Anne Rice and I definitely saw the Tom Cruise/Brad Pitt Interview with the Vampire.  But they’re not my thing. I don’t necessarily go for that whole fandom and/or find it intriguing or sexy, as some of my friends are wont to do. However, I finally gave in and read the first book of the series because a.) my friend at work was going to let me borrow it, b.) she talked me into it, and c.) I wanted to finally just get it over and done with. It’s like one of those things you hate but should do anyway, for posterity.

And I have to tell you, I read that one in two days and could. not. stop. I had to know. And this author has a writing style, at least in the first book, that I felt mirrored how I used to write. It’s a bit choppy and sometimes I don’t dig first person but there was something about the way Meyer (author) tells you *just* enough so that you need to know more. And you’re teased ever so much into needing to know more.

So I dove into New Moon, eager and wanting to know more, see more. I like the idea of Jacob and the wolves. I do NOT like the idea of Edward leaving Bella and the fact that she fills the hole (so to speak; this was, after all, written by a Mormon!)  with Jacob. I “get” it and I know it makes sense but I couldn’t get on board with that relationship. Luckily, it worked out beter in the end of that book.

Eclipse quickly became my favorite book because so many awesome things happened. But it was at that point when I kept thinking, turn her into a damn vampire already. That or have sex, one of the two. I was told that never happened. (I was wrong, by the way!) I think by the end of this book, I was sold on the entire idea. I was officially Team Edward and sadly entrenched in the fascination with Twilight.

Breaking Dawn answered so many questions that I had about vampire lore (within this author’s interpretation) and totally blew me away. Ok, so it’s not the BEST writing but the story keeps getting better and taking turns and, truth be told, once you’ve invested in characters that you like/dislike throughout three other books, you’re on board for just about everything the author can throw at you. And I rode it out, loving every blasted second of it. So, regardless of what some people think, this really was a pretty good read. A quick read but no less entertaining.

Admittedly, I STILL don’t get the deal with Robert Pattinson. I have decided that girls like him because they’re projecting Edward Cullen qualities onto him. I mean, have a look:


He cleans up well but in real life? He’s a trainwreck. And Greasy:


Judge for yourself. I prefer Emmett:


ANYway, I got sidetracked. The point is: the books aren’t bad. And they draw you in. In the first one, she’s the new girl in an entirely different city, trying to fit in and then she finds herself drawn to the most beautiful boy in school. How many people will identify with that? God, I know I was like that. And I was plain like Bella and nothing special to speak of. So for her to enter this secret, special world, it’s the perfect fantasy. I think now that most of the hype has died down, you can read them safely without much ridicule. It’s only when you start browsing Etsy for merchandise that you’re in trouble. And when you find a company that makes panties that say Cullen Baseball Team on them, well then, you know you’ve gone over to the dark side. 🙂

5 thoughts on “The Twilight Series review (bear with me)

  1. Very well put!!! I am glad we got to experience the Twilight saga together. GO Team Edward!!!!!!!!! 😉

    What’s next though? I feel lost without my obsession to read more Twilight.


  2. I won’t hijack your lovely review with a bunch of nay-saying. 😉 BUT! Bella is very far from plain, she just conveniently thinks she is. No one else seems to.

  3. Gypsy is right–Bella is the only person who thinks she’s plain. I think even Meyer made a comment at one point that Bella’s better looking than what she represents herself in the book.

    I’m obviously in the minority when I say that New Moon is my favorite book. I CANNOT stand Edward so when he disappears for pages and pages? Ah, heaven! I prefer Jacob b/c Jacob’s not a manipulative, arrogant prick like Edward. I mean anyone who asks someone what Edward asks Jacob in Breaking Dawn is a prick–no ifs, ands or buts! Ok, Jacob’s arrogant but he’s also 16. 🙂 Edward’s how old? 🙂

    Ok, there’s my two cents.

  4. LOL @ your comments. You sound like my friend who gave me the books; she’s totally Team Jacob. I agree that in some ways, Edward has few redeeming qualities but Jacob is just too pushy for his own good. And yes, he’s young – which you know I don’t mind 😉 – but in an annoying way in this instance.

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