Open letter

Dear Steve at Super Lube,

To be fair, I actually *am* sorry that I caused you so much strife. For real. But come on, dude. I called you yesterday  – a week later – and only had to say, “I brought my car in last Sunday…” before you knew I was Mrs. Smith; the Mrs. Smith you overcharged for her oil change. This tells me you knew – you figured out that you effed up – but didn’t let me know. You were waiting to see if I would call you on it. Lo and behold, my bank account showed a 58 dollar charge for an 18 dollar part, meaning you didn’t use my free standard oil change sticker.

Look, Steve, I know I said it was OK to give me back the sticker and all but I needed the money. And I am sure, working in that industry, that you understand what it is to be tight on cash. This is a rough week for me because we got paid on the third and the seventeenth; all bills for the first AND fifteenth had to come out of one check. You feel me? So when I showed up at 5:30 and babbled my way through my weak “threat”, I didn’t mean to take it  out on you personally. But you DID screw up.

I was thankful when you dug into your OWN wallet and counted out thirty nine dollars and seventy six cents. You still missed a fiver but I let it slide, because I saw what you were doing. Yeah, it was good of you to help the customer but it was strictly a CYA measure, I’m sure. After my threat to file a claim through corporate and/or Bank of America, what other choice did you have? My heart raced as I walked back to my car, victorious yet, feeling defeated at the same time. I learned that if you want something and you’re right in that situation, someone’s gotta take the hit. This time it was you, my oil-stained friend. It’s tough for me to accept that I have to put someone down now and then but I came out of it with most of my money and I guess that’s what matters, in this case.

It’s not your fault, Steve. But thanks for stepping up and doing right.

Not much love,


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