Status: overloaded

I am feeling slightly overwhelmed. I need a very large, concise list of everything I should not forget to do and yet, making this list seems like the hardest thing. I keep forgetting to do little things for my job. Nothing that would lead to a disaster; just small “oh shit” moments.

The weekend was a nice break that included: woodsy trail walking, throwing sticks off a bridge, playground playing, sidewalk chalk scribbling, cauliflower and ranch dressing, tacos, Slumdog Millionaire, Up, TCBY, laundry, budget-making, and naps. I got a nap both Saturday AND Sunday, which was wonderful. I have been kind of sleepy lately, even though I would say I have also been working out more, which I thought might boost my energy levels. Alas, I feel like I JUST worked out… all the time.

But yes, overloaded. I have about six books of which I have read approximately 35 pages of each. I have run out of bookmarks. There are household tasks piling up in my mind (paint baseboards, new carpet, clean out closets). We have two first birthday parties to attend soon, which means presents will need to be procured.

I just went back and read some older blog entries and I am feeling rather nostalgic for the days before kids. I love Elliot; there has been no greater, more fulfilling time in my life – honest to God. But I sometimes miss the days when I could wake up whenever and do whatever. It’s not worse now, just different. And even when I felt like my life was so very full up with STUFF, it was nothing compared to how it is with a child. And I can only imagine what two will be like. And yet, every month since December, I have been hoping and praying I find out that I am pregnant. Sigh.

What are you currently hoping for?

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