Yo, whatchu up to?

I took a slight hiatus from blogging because I got busy and then I got stressed and then all I really wanted to do was blank out in front of the TV watching cartoons and eating cereal. Except, I managed to get myself into gear and I  worked out and cleaned the house and did all those things that may seem mundane but remind you that you haven’t hit rock bottom depression or anything; because if you can still get the dishes washed and the clothes hung up and the grocery shopping done, well, then you’re just living life. Life can’t always be parties and activity and friends and well, you know what I mean.

So yes, I think I’ve been losing some weight. The working out has gotten easier lately and I’ve been really pushing myself. I’m still only doing 30 minutes on the elliptical but I’m up to level 3 on the difficulty. Also, not using my arms anymore so my thighs can build up. And believe me, it works.  I would like to say I am also being strict on my diet but this weekend sort of smashed it to bits. First we had pizza and then I went to the gas station and drank about 3/4 of a Faygo rootbeer. I felt guilty 75% in and chucked it, NOT feeling guilty for wasting money; it was only 65 cents. Well, then Ash and I had TCBY. I ate it right after my workout too. Oooh, snap. Then today, Elliot and I were running errands – ok, I was keeping him entertained more like – and I had a Nugrape soda because, well, because I haven’t had a grape soda since I was maybe 14. And let me tell you, as the grapety high-fructose corn syrup spilled across my tongue and down into my gullet, I enjoyed it more than you probably care to know. And while we’re on the subject of guilty pleasures, my 6 issues of the Nightwing:Year One story arrived yesterday and though I told myself to read them slowly, draw it out and read only one per day, I devoured them all in one sitting. How could I not?? I wanted to know how it came to be that Bruce would actually fire Robin, how he could just up and replace him (and rather quickly, might I add) with Jason. Oh, and when Nightwing calls Jason, “Little wing”, no wonder there’s so much slash fic out there about them. Because, um, too adorable.

In the week to come, I promise more scintillating blog topics but for now, this is what I have to offer. I hope everyone’s having a good weekend. If you feel so inclined, do share.

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