I loosely follow a bunch of mommy/daddy blogs, but not like I used to. A couple months ago, they were a staple of my daily reading. These days, I find myself entrenched in actual *paying* work so I check in on “my sites” now and then, maybe once a week. Through the power of Twitter, I am able to keep up with some of the on-goings with fellow mothers. Some have issues with their kids not eating, or diapers coming off in the night (Hello? This happened to Elliot the other night too!), or screaming themselves to sleep. Well, right here ::arm raised, spirit fingers:: we have apparently joined that club. This is not a membership I asked for, mind you.

Naptime was painful yesterday. Elliot has reached the age where he can tell us that he’s ready to take said nap. He tries to climb into his crib while asking, “Night night?” So we put him down around, oh, 11:30 AM and but an hour later, he was in the corner, on tippy-toes, screaming like someone had a knife in his chest. Sure enough, once sprung, he was happy and chipper and all, “Let’s play, mama.” But mama was pressure washing the back of the house and determined to finish. But the point here, is that he needed a second nap and it was torturous. The screaming began soon as he go into the crib. I had to sit in the recliner with him until he found sleep.

Bedtime proved to also be difficult. In short, an hour of all out screaming and at the end, he threw everything out of his crib and plopped down and passed out, presumably from sheer exhaustion. He’s been going to sleep like a champ for roughly 14 months now so this change in behaviour is rather disconcerting. I know kids change around this time; I mean, he’s nearing two and lots of things are changing. He’s being more vocal, more contentious. He’s definitely developing a sense of self and what he wants, which means he’s not going along with whatever anymore. Sigh. I knew this would happen one day and for the most part, I can handle it. But the screaming before bed is rough.

And it’s rainy today, humid but not too hot. Forecast calls for rain all week. Which, um, sucks. The reason I felt like crap on Friday was due to an argument Ash and I had about boarding the dogs when we go down to visit my parents this week. Problem resolved: my parents are coming here. And it’s going to rain.

The upshot to all this, well, is that life is still pretty good, despite the Boy’s changes and the weather. I may be low on money and tired (ok, extremely sleepy) and my arms are killing me from the pressure washing but really, life is good. I should be thankful.

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