Bellyaches, knee-slappers

If you’ll notice, I added a new link to my Del. icio. us linkage. I don’t know if I am just in the right kind of mood lately but I have been actually laughing. I know this sounds pretty dumb but when it comes to comedy, I am either really picky or I laugh at very random things that – for the most part – other people do not find amusing. For example, I thought American Psycho was abso-fucking-lutely hilarious. “Feed me a stray cat.”  “Don’t just stare at it, eat it!” I mean, come on, that’s funny stuff. And Bale chasing after a girl with a chainsaw – and wearing nothing but socks – is classic humor. To me. This may be a sign that I am insane in the membrane but this is what amuses me.

Last night, we watched Role Models, which – truthfully – is not normally the kind of comedy movie I go for. But I cracked my ass up.  Something about the interaction between the kids and adults, crude though it may have been, made me feel really happy. The dork LARP stuff was also killer. I know people who do that stuff, yo. I think maybe it all does depend on my mood. I have watched Dumb and Dumber and laughed not one bit. But there have been times I did find it funny. “Kick his ass, Sea Bass!”. I think maybe some of it has to do with taking the lines and making them your own, making them a joke between you and your friends. For example, my friend, Annie, and I have a joke about an episode of Friends where Phoebe asks what their favorite thing about trees is. Joey says they’re green and Monica says… something else but Phoebe answers, “Ooh, no I’m sorry, we were looking for leafy. Leeaaaffyyy.” And Annie and I Facebook this to each other ALL THE TIME. Because it is still funny.

But so getting back to Texts From Last Night. Here are a few of the ones I find most amusing, even though slightly crude in nature:

(305): your profile still reads that you like women…interesting? I think there is some photography and video that will show otherwise

(212): dude wtf did we explode in my microwave last night?
(1-212): idk but i think it had a face

(418): I have nothing to say, just wanted ur phone to vibrate

(213): whats up tonight?
(408): Ice cream, wine, and teabags… Not the earl grey kind

(734): hey call me
(810): can’t. in the shower.
(734): … and this is probably why your phone does not work half the time.

(920): Is this a definitive no? All is forlorn? Such is fine, but i’m drunk and a sucker for concrete answers

(337): i think he might wanna be bffs again, but idk cause we’re friends again but we haven’t been bff since like a year. i don’t know what to think…
(985): wow. what a nail bitter. i need popcorn for this. brb

(717): You can spell. I can kill people with no remorse. We all have our skills.

Too too funny! In the past, I have said my all-time favorite comedies were Captain Ron and (if it counts) Eddie Izzard’s Dress to Kill. But I am learning to branch out. I want to laugh more.

What makes you laugh like nothing else?

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