Some days just suck

Since readership appears to be down, you may or may not have seen me promise you big good or bad news today. Well, just about the only good news I got today was that there as no co-pay for an ultrasound.

Wind the clocks back a week and a half. I had taken a home pregnancy test and it was positive. And then, the bleeding. There wasn’t a lot, by the standards the nurses on the phone explained to me. But it went on for about 4-5 days. On the second day, I mentally prepared myself for the worst. If it was a misarriage, I came to terms with it. Afterall, there was nothing I could do about it. Those things are out of your control.

Then the bleeding stopped. And I still “felt” pregnant: tired, headaches. And today, I went in for an ultrasound. Well, it proved negative and in fact, what they did see was a small fibroid on one of my ovaries. Gee, swell. But the upside in all this is that my new doctor – the one who, coincidentally, delivered Elliot – is compeltely awesome. He was supportive and kind and understanding, which is everything a woman who mascarried a child could hope for.

So I am alright, thanks for asking. Though, today is all kinds of bogged down with trouble; Elliot has an ear infection so right after my appointment, I took him to the pediatrician. We’re staying home today, watching cartoons, chillin’ on the couch. Later, I have to go to the lab for more conclusive bloodwork but I can handle it. It’s just another one of those things life throws at you and you just keep on plugging along.

With that, I am going to shove another dose of Tylenol down Elliot’s gullet and see if he’ll take a nap. What fun this day shall bring!

7 thoughts on “Some days just suck

  1. 😦 So sorry. This does just suck, and I don’t know what else to say, but I’m sorry. Also, I hope Elliott feels better soon, and you too.

  2. Oh Claire, I’m so sorry. I’ve thought about you all day, wondering how it went at the doctor. Whether or not you want to talk about it, shall we get coffee or dessert of whatever this week/weekend? Just let me know!

  3. I am so sorry you are having to go through this. I hope your day today is a little better so far today. Let me know if you need anything, besides a knitted bat 😉

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