Monday, slippin’ through my hands

My day blew by me in a haze of tiny tasks and people needing help in random ways and finding new fandoms (Tim and Kon-El) and snacking and drinking two liters of water and twittering and… and… it’s almost time to go home. Thank the gods.

Since I am soon to be reading about three books at once, I made some bookmarks this morning:


Not the best quality but what do you expect out of my phone? L-R: Arsenal (Red Arrow), Nightwing (Robin I) and you all know Remy (Gambit). I made a Robin one too but I wasn’t done when I took the pic. Simple project: print on 5×7 photo paper using mosaic maker (I did the thin vertical frames), then use packing tape to “laminate”. I think you may officially stamp GEEK on my forehead.


The weekend was pretty good for us. Ash played some magic, I mowed the lawn, we watched the NFL draft, and then we had people over Saturday night to play video games. On Sunday, my friend, V, came over to hang out and play with little E, which was pretty fun. We wore him out real good. Soon as he was in bed, I reveled in the silence. That boy is all laughs and shrieks these days. And though they bring me immense joy, they are also very headache-inducing. Also, he is in constant motion. I mean, moving everywhere, at great speeds. He uses said speed to vault onto the couches, chairs, the coffee table. It’s a little ridiculous. I am surprised he hasn’t busted his head open yet at the rate he’s going. But I can’t complain: he’s a whole lot of fun and the sheer adoration I have for him grows every day – it sometimes scares me how much I love that kid.

On this week’s agenda: hit up the library, finish reloading our laptop, save money, read, read, read, grade papers/projects, read some more and blog about something real for once!

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