Me, lately

In a nutshell (by the way, I kid of hate that phrase) here’s what I have been up to.


  • Real World/Road Rules challenge. I admit it: I love these kind of crossover/reality/challenge casts. But can we please get MJ off that show? He’s like Matthew McConaughey but not *quite* as annoying. They’re both kind of dirty hippie style.
  • The Spirit. Um, Dear Frank Miller, I loved Sin City. I loved 300. I ABSOLUTELY love All Star Batman and Robin but for the love of God, this movie was awful. If I had been reading the comic, I think I would have been more forgiving. Props to the line, however about Robin. Eva Mendes’ char is threatening some guy for his comp password, which happens to be Robin. And her reply? “As in, the boy sidekick? With the tight derriere?” Lol. It’s true though.
  • Rewatched Eddie Izzard’s Dress to Kill for the umpteenth time but I NEVER get tired of those jokes. If you like random sort of comedy that somehow all comes together in the end AND appeals to relatively educated people, Eddie is for you. Also, if you like transvestites. No, wait, I guess you don’t have to but he is always wearing make-up. And heels. I heart Eddie.


  • The 10 Cent Plague. I just started this one but it’s all about this comic scare in the 60s when adults thought that comics were ruining the youth of America. I already knew about Wertham’s denouncement of Batman and his claims of the apparent homosexuality between he and Boy Wonder, Robin. But I am very interested to see what the rest of this book will uncover.
  • Sometimes I make lists. I just started reading this blog, thanks to my friend, Brenna. This blogger has a very unique voice and doesn’t hold back much, which I admire.
  • Fantastic Fangirls. This is a blog that is right up my alley: girls talking about comics. They are very thorough and they know their stuff.
  • Sporcle has some really awesome time wasting quizzes, some of which are fairly difficult.


  • Money. Budgeting it out. Always a source of stress for me
  • Projects. I might start this if I can justify the funds. How cute, right?
  • The end of May. I think my mom is coming to visit
  • A blog contest – STILL
  • By next Wednesday, I may or may not have something to reveal to you all.

With that, I leave you to your own devices now. Go, seek! And have a good Friday.

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