I can has motivation?

The light buzzed to life and I squinted, splashed a bit of water on my face. The shower steamed as I began my morning. My brain began kicking and I had some really good thoughts about this project I am working on. I felt conscious of my plan and aware of what needs to be done. I was excited and nearly brimming with excitement to start my day. So what then, you ask, killed this all for me? I don’t know. I got into my office and ate my pineapple yogurt and a handful of Wheat Thins (which, by the way, are apparently very popular. I learned this by using them as a status update and got numerous responses.) and opened my email and Firefox.

First, I checked my normal sites: Facebook, Twitter, DC message boards, Hotmail, and my blog. I opened Word. I opened Blackboard. This took up about 20 – 25 minutes and then I was there, at the edge of the cliff, needing to jump, and I couldn’t. There are about fifty OTHER things I would rather be doing right now: eating, sleeping, sunbathing, reading comics, writing, shopping, playing dinosaurs with Elliot – hell, I’d rather be getting teeth pulled over the excruciating reality of being on the cusp of a lot of work that I so very much do NOT want to do. And really, THAT’S the most painful part: the build-up, the part right before the work. The actual work isn’t so bad, once I’m on a roll and going with it.

So I am jumping and doing it. Do it to it. Gotta accomplish something in the next 25 minutes. It’s my goal. And then I shall reward myself with comics and a Diet Dr. Pepper. What do you reward yourself with?

3 thoughts on “I can has motivation?

  1. I reward myself by looking at knitting stuff and if it’s a REALLY big project I accomplish, a diet coke and maybe some chocolate. Although, I am trying to watch what I eat since I sit in a stupid chair for 8 hours a day.

  2. Oh, I LOVE Diet Dr. Pepper. It’s by far the best diet soda.

    I reward myself with reading books for pleasure and watching hours of TV on DVD.

  3. Movies. I sat down last night after a busy day and watched Let the Right One In. For those of you madly in hate with all-things-Twilight, give it a shot. Leave it to the Swedes to get the vampire thing right . . .

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