Recollecting my childhood as I move into my 30s

Tomorrow, at 12:31 PM EST, I will turn thirty years old. This I am not afraid of; I am not reeling with fear or doubts or any of that cliche birthday sort of thinking. Actually, I kind of like the sound of thirty. It’s much… rounder than twenty-nine. I don’t “feel” old or older; I am interested to see what I can accomplish in this next decade. I did a lot in my twenties and made huge strides in my life and as a person in general. I grew, I learned, I did. But I am also very tied to my childhood, as I think all people are. I think a huge reason adults have children is so they can feel that again, though it is not entirely the same.

I spent the majority of my formative years in Hollywood, Florida. We lived at 44th ave and Monroe street until I was nearly fifteen. In that time, I attended four different schools, made a lot of good friends, and created some of my most vivid and influential memories. In categories, here are some of the aspects of my youth:

Books – We used to go to the library and my mother let me pick out a huge stack of books. I loved it; can probably attribute it to my love of them today and my writing degree.


  • My mother’s carbonara, which she always let me help with. I got to stir the eggs and Parmesan cheese together.
  • Tuna casserole – peas and all.
  • Salmon patties
  • Ham steaks that my dad made on nights my mother worked. We, unfortunately, also had lima beans with them. ICK.
  • Sausages with red peppers. Another dad meal that I hated. They were weird red polish sausages; I only ever liked eating Bratwurst (with mustard).


I must say, I had a pretty good childhood. There was the normal stuff like issues with parents and I didn’t really ever like my sister very much; she was almost six entire years younger than me so I treated her more like a pet. But on the whole, I couldn’t ask for much more. All I ask, now that I enter my parenting years, is that Elliot can also look back some day and feel like we did a good job giving him a fun childhood.

And now, onto thirty. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Recollecting my childhood as I move into my 30s

  1. God, I remember Circus Playhouse! Though I was more of a Chuck E. Cheese kid, because a) I think C.P. was too far from the Pompano apartment I spent my early years in, and b) my mom WAS Chuck E. Cheese (being short enough to fit in the suit).

    Anyhoo, I hope you have a happy birthday and a great time in NYC!

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