Bullet cop out post

I’m sorry I can’t piece together more than this. I have way too much stuff going on in my head for more coherency.

  • I forgot my sandwich this morning and had to go back for it and then I also thought I lost my ipod. Welcome, Tuesday!! /eyeroll.
  • I leave for NYC in THREE days. I have not packed or thought about outfits or anything. Hold me.
  • I have to get an oil change this AM and I hate doing maintenance errands like that. Hold me.
  • There’s a guy who shops at my local Publix with his wife who looks JUST like Jake Gyllenhaal, only taller. And I see them there about 5 out of every 8 or so times I go. I hope she doesn’t think I’m staring at her hubby too much. :: drool::
  • Do you think dead people can hear your thoughts? I mean, hypothetically speaking. If you imagine “ghosts” the way they do in, say, that dumb Family Circus cartoon – as beings up in Heaven – do you think they know what you’re thinking about?
  • “Tales of the Black Freighter” came out on DVD today and I want so desperately to buy it. Except I have to save all available funds for NY. We’re apparently going to some four story club and you know drinks are going to be more than what I spend in a week on food.
  • At the party we’re going to before the ginormous night club, there will be a shot luge and I am actually thinking about partaking. Some day I can tell Elliot that when he was 19 months old, his mommy turned 30 and got trashed in NYC from a shot luge.
  • Am now broke thanks to oil change/tire rotation
  • Brought only pb&j for lunch
  • Am now going to do work.

Please, do tell, what are you guys up to this Tuesday? Come on, leave me comments; I love ’em. šŸ™‚

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