Looking for the cure

As much as I love Spring – the perfect situation for opening our windows and letting the cool breeze blow though the entire house (I remember when I was a child and the way the wind ruffled my mother’s 70’s blue and green flowered curtains above her bed, like ocean waves ) – I am having the worst allergies. I have had them all my life; pollen, mold, pet dander, certain trees (malaluca), and at one point, I was subject to the big back test – the one where they poke you with a modicum of allergen for each thing you could possibly react to. They drew a big labeled grid on my back and poke, poke poke. Turns out I wasn’t allergic to cats as we had all thought, but dogs instead, barring that they had fur and not hair. A list of other offenders was given to my mother. I never went on any sort of drug long-term but I tried all the allergy medications out there, finding that only Zyrtec got rid of all symptoms.

To this day, whenever cars start to show that thin layer of yellow and the dogwoods bloom and drop their pretty petals all over the lush green lawns, you can find me stuffed up, sneezing, watery eyes and a Kleenex in every pocket. I recently discovered the magical powers of Afrin, however, and that helped some. It is a detriment to my every day life, it prevents me from wearing contacts which means I wear my out of date prescription glasses and get a headache. I suppose it’s time to just suck it up and move on but it’s oh-so difficult to accomplish my work with eyes that itch so constantly that all I can do is imagine removing them from their sockets and scratching them until the pain desists.

You must take the good with the bad and the weather is beautiful; if you were to go to Weather.com and type in my zip code (32303) you could see the gap in green – rain – in which Tallahassee now sits. We are spared the storms, for now. Though my grass could use it. And my deck could stand to be cleansed of the pollen as well.


It is time to get down to business so I shall leave you. But may I recommend that new show, “Kings”? I was impressed.

One thought on “Looking for the cure

  1. I was curious about that show. What did you like about it?

    We are still resisting the call of Spring in the NW part of the country, but I think my trees are starting to bud finally. And the daffodils have bloomed.

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