Sunday filler

  • Went to the mall in search of clothes for me and shoes for E. Came back empty handed. Size 4 in baby shoes is a ridiculously dumb size. 1-3 are pre-walker sizes and Toddler begins at 5. Elliot, hurry up and grow, buddy.
  • My lips were dry at the mall but I forgot my Chap stick. Which is super annoying. Kept licking them to re-wet; think Joker only a whole lot less sexy. What, like you didn’t know? I have a problem ok?!?
  • By accident, I think I extinguished the pilot light on my water heater. I was blowing debris out of the garage when I smelled a weird sort of stink, as if the dust and dirt and dryer lint got up in the flame. Since Ash is playing Magic all afternoon, my neighbour is going to come over and take a look. I know nothing about gas heating.
  • Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone but I got an Oreo Shiver from TCBY and gave some to Elliot.
  • When E woke from his nap, I sat him down with the plate of what he didn’t eat of lunch and while I had my eyes and hands all up in the water heater, he dumped the entire tray on the floor. Chaos ensued: dogs freaked out, wanting to eat the food but scared by the loud noise of the falling tray plus E crying. All this prompted the trip to the mall. I was ANNOYED.
  • I am amazed by Elliot’s new ability to put words together. “Go out?”, “Blue car?” “Red Ball?” (Think outside Target). This kid is pretty amazing.
  • I went to a kick-ass baby shower yesterday.
  • I leave for New York in 5 days.
  • I am going to wash a dish. (I was in my kitchen washing a dish and I heard it so I came out. You were in your living room? I was in my kitchen, washing a dish.” Oh Dane Cook, you were once a very funny comedian. Now? You suck.)

One thought on “Sunday filler

  1. I can’t ever get an ice cream and NOT share it with Gray. So now I get him his own.

    It’s not the end of the world … it’s effective parenting, lol!

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