Vindicated, in a way

Let’s see, where did we leave off? Ah yes, I was waiting for the manager at my local Best Buy to call me back. And he did, within about 20 minutes. He called the central service place and looked up my records. Apparently, this Harrell Appliance Repair wrote notes to Best Buy that they went out to my house on the 20th, last Friday, and checked my water pressure. They claim it is “very low.” Now, a.) I was never contacted by said company saying they were coming and b.) this means they were tromping around on my property unbeknownst to me and c.) why didn’t they leave a card or a note or something? I semi-argued (in a nice way) with the manager saying since I never saw them, what makes him believe it happened? Though, he had a good point: why should he believe either of us? Except they’re a company who works third-party for Best Buy so he, by default, went with that.

At this point, Rob, the manager, was getting exasperated with me. I could tell. He was ready to get me off the phone at any cost. Well, I was fed up too so I called my own damn plumber. This was the very last thing I wanted to do because I bought their effing service plan, did I not? Well, I trust my plumber so I rung him up and he sent his brother – also a Master Plumber – out around 3 PM.

Gary, the plumber, put a pressure gauge on my outside spigot and checked the pressure – 96 psi – which is actually TOO high but there’s no possible way in all hell that the other company could have said it was low. I watched Gary check it with my own two eyes. Oh, and my neighbour was standing by us as well. Next, Gary went inside and begin pulling things out. The feed line from the dishwasher to the sink had a ripped gasket and was all crinkled up under there. Oh, guess who pulled at that shit out last time they came to my house? Oh wait, that’s right: it was the moron from Best Buy. That alone was not the problem. By power of deduction (Gary also gave us a new hose) we realized that it’s not letting enough water in and do you know what causes that? Oh, a little electronic solenoid on the bottom of the dishwasher. The DEFECTIVE dishwasher. My wonderful plumber wrote me up a big long invoice with all his findings and now, I need to get in touch with SOMEONE who can help me with the next step.

This has been such a draining experience for me. I have gone around in so many circles without getting anywhere and never mind the fact that a local company falsified notes to them about ME. I think that’s probably the part that fires me up the most. But I felt alright when my plumber said that SO many companies in Tallahassee hire unlicensed plumbers. He said if BB doesn’t give me a new dishwasher, I should tell them he said that and he’ll report them.

SO, I am writing it all out now – minus the expletives – so that it is all ready for whomever needs to take a look at my story. Wish me luck.

And I promise I’ll try to stop using my plight of the dishwasher as blog fodder from now on.

Happy Friday!

3 thoughts on “Vindicated, in a way

  1. Wow, what a nightmare! Would the Better Business Bureau be an option? Or do one of the local TV stations have one of those consumer reporters that could do a story on your saga?
    We haven’t purchased any major appliance from them, but Best Buy’s selection of computer components has gone way downhill so we don’t go there anymore. That and their annoying attempts to sell you magazine subscriptions at the check-out.

  2. Hey, I’m glad you shared. You’ve taken steps that many people don’t think to take when dealing with a situation like this.

    You’ve got enough ammo to go straight to the top with this. Results, and the possibility of disciplinary action against the brain dead manager, could be in the wings. And don’t let that hurt your feelings one tiny bit . . .

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