Middle school = good blog fodder

So when I went home this past weekend, I was given a box of old things my sister saved before she chucked everything in an old closet. There was a random smattering of items inside which included but was not limited to: issues of People magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People from 1992- 1997, old Birthday/Christmas cards from everyone, pictures of celebrities I must have liked, paint brushes, old sketch books, homework from Anatomy and Physiology, short assignments from Creative Writing, and much more. It wasn’t only stuff from middle school but it had some letters that two of my best friends had written to me. Tracy and Jamie and I wrote letters like fiends. You’d think we didn’t even DO homework or PAY ATTENTION in class. Truthfully, I was THAT kid who didn’t need to study. We all got ridiculously good grades regardless. Hence our boredom. I was going to reproduce a couple letters that Jamie and I exchanged but they were a bit too, well, graphic in an embarrassing sort of way. Like, in the way 8th graders hear the word “hard” and giggle. But I scanned in this one, from Tracy in about 7th grade.

old-letterSlightly bigger if you click; WordPress is restraining my size here.

This gives you an idea of the strangeness of 8th grade girls, though I have much better examples. My favorite part of any letter was the P.S.’s This included the initials of all the guys we liked. Above you’ll see Christian Slater, Robert Patrick (don’t remember who the second one was – note   the “squared”), Sean Patrick Flannery, Emilio Estevez, and a few I can’t remember. Though, I remember not condoning RDA – that would be Richard Dean Anderson; Macguyver. At one point I know Laser from American Gladiators was on our list too.  Note the “Gambit”. We omitted Wolverine, as he was mentioned again later on. We were total comic nerds and deeply shipped the Wolverine/Jubilee pairing. It may be silly but I read this and want to say, “See? We were total Wolverine fans way before they ever made Xmen and now, the Wolverine movie coming in May. But that’s the immature side of me, the one who is still that 8th grade girl crazy about boys and all things teenager.

I would say it’s embarrassing to admit all this but it’s almost like a was a different person then. I am not ashamed of who I used to be, though this used to be the case.

So, what kinds of memories do you have that seemed relatively embarrassing but you have now gotten over?

P.S. Stay tuned for my next entry in which I explain why I should not read comics before bed.

5 thoughts on “Middle school = good blog fodder

  1. I was a HUGE comic book fan (I blame my father’s obsession and a cabin in MN where we spent each summer sans TV) and X-men was our favorite. I loved Wolverine and Rogue (though I didn’t ship them of course). I was just obsessed with Rogue’s inability to touch people because she was dangerous. Kind of like how I was afraid to act on my sexual impulses because I’d go to hell…….

    I am so excited for the Wolverine movie, though I hope they don’t screw it up liike they did the others. Still, Hugh Jackman? Can I get an Amen!

  2. I’m getting together with a recently reunited old friend on Friday who claims to have all the letters I sent to her from age 9 right through college. Gulp.

  3. @ clickmom: LOL. That should be pretty amusing.

    @ msloaf: Nice on the Rogue comparison. I too cannot wait for the Wolverine movie. There’s talk it may be rated R. And how awesome would that be?

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