Gloom and doom

I have a friend who makes this noise – this uuuugggghhh kind of sound – when he is disguted or exasperated by something. I wish you could hear it because I find myself doing it a lot this morning. Now, without being the complaining type, I have a lot to get off my chest and if you don’t feel like being brought down, then you should move along your merry way. Go over to Moo’s site and give her some encouragement – she could use it today.

So, the budget crisis. It’s looking bad. For me, I have two jobs, technically. I work this one: First Year Composition Program Assistant. In essence, I build the schedule for each semester of the freshmen writing courses (1101, 1102, 1142, and 1145). I help freshmen get into said classes, deal with all kinds of issues regarding these classes (grade changes, TA issues, etc.) I am also the assistant to the director of this program. Together, she and I do all kinds of jobs associated with training the grad students who will teach these course. I help get those grad students into the school in terms of paperwork and their training. I am the copy machine maven. I am a catch-all for TA/freshmen English issues. In essense, I do a lot for a very small salary. If you’re thinking I make the money of say, a publis school teacher, you’d be wrong. On top of this, my kindly boss, who decides who will teach, lets me teach one online course and I am classified as an adjunct. With the budget cuts that must be made for the 2009/2010 year, all adjunct positions will be cut. This means, I make about what your average Best Buy employee makes. And that’s not going to cut it when it comes to bills.

If/when this happens, I am going to need a second job. Sure, I think we could “make it” with Ash’s salary but at this point, we have a standard of living. We would like to uphold that. Now, I know you’re probably thinking that we have a lot of credit card debt and that’s one of our big money suckers. But no, we don’t. I have friends who have at least 3-4 CC payments a month and cannot dig themselves out of that hole with heavy machinery. We have one. It’s our Home Equity Loan on which we have put a new roof and my student loan, which was small to begin with. We’re doing FINE. But if I drop to that lower level of pay, what it comes down to is not one single cent extra for any kind of emergency or personal item. I could not, say, afford to get a latte now and then. Or a hair cut. Or new contacts. It’s just not there.

Ok, I’m DONE blabbing about this. I probably already said too much that has no business being on a public blog. The fact of the matter is that time are rough right now, for most everyone. And we have to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and keep going. Hard work always pays off – I know it.

And now, I have some hard work to do. I hope you are all having a better day than I.

3 thoughts on “Gloom and doom

  1. Ugh, I could make that noise, too. Times are definitely tough. We are about to find out what a job change for Lancelot will mean in terms of our bills, and though I’m glad he’s out of a bad job situation and into what could be a better one, I’m definitely nervous about the logistics. But we’ll make it work. And I know you guys will, too. Good luck!

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