Dump Truck

I have not been eating very healthy lately. And it’s not even been sweets. I haven’t been loading up on cookies or holiday candies. Not that much. Really, it’s been all about the fact that I have little money in my bank account so I have been relegated to the cupboard. Sure, I could have been more creative; there’s a frozen chicken breast in there that I could have mixed with rice and a can of peas or something. Instead, I just ate the entire package of Knorr mushroom rice. Mmm, sodium overload.

Breakfast? Not even a thought on my mind. With Elliot being sick, he’s been slow to come around in the mornings so I have had to deal with a kid who is obviously hungry but picks at his bananas/toast/waffle, etc. That is, until his body finally catches up with his brain and he wolfs it down. Though this leaves little time for me to get anything going for myself. This morning, I remembered to stuff a granola bar in my bag and then on my way into work, I figured I could probably afford a cup of coffee. Except I left my wallet at home. If it’s not one thing, it’s certainly another.

The redeeming factor in all my stress this week is that by tomorrow night, we’ll be officially on vacation.  There are certain things I really look forward to: shopping with my mom (which may include a trip to Ikea), seeing the Orlando Magic on Monday night, the Christmas decorations at my parents’ house, making date nut balls, knowing my mother will do almost everything for Elliot and I can actually take a break!

So, with that said, I am about to eat Campbell’s Select Harvest Light, Savory Chicken with vegetables soup. It’s not so bad, for a lower calorie meal. But it’s really not what I want. And guess what’s for dinner! Left over mushroom rice. Ah, the good life.

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