Rituals, whirlwind cooking, wee chairs

On Sunday morning, around 9 AM, Elliot and I were en route to Target, where they had Left 4 Dead on sale for 40 bucks and Ash wants it bad. So I was cresting the bridge over the railroad tracks on Blair Stone when I began to think about church. A lot of people make Sunday service their ritual. Every Sunday, no matter what, they are in their holy house of choice, rejoicing. And sometimes during the week I will think about how I should have gone to church and why didn’t I go to church? Oh yes, I think I was at Target at that time. Target has become our ritual. It used to be when Elliot was waking earlier and mornings dragged on forever that I would go out as early as I possibly could because taking him out is sometimes easier than dealing with him at home. Now, we go so that I can get some coffee (MY Target has a Starbucks) and I can also get my small shopping done. I worship at the house of the Bulls eye. The Bull Terrier is our savior.

(Was that blasphemous? Did I offend you? Surely you know that I jest.)

Anyway, in about an hour and a half, I have to run home and make baked mac and cheese and mashed potatoes for Ash’s Christmas party at work. I didn’t mind his Thanksgiving one; it was only the 30-40 people from Structures. Today’s gathering is all of Design: maybe 130 people. Which is, I guess, why he signed up for two dishes. Yes, this was against my will. To get even, I made him set up the Christmas yard stake lights I bought. Though the ten to fifteen minutes it took him to do that in no way compares to the near hour of prep and cooking I’ll be doing. For people I don’t even work with. In an agency that doesn’t even pay me. Ok ok, I shouldn’t complain. This is part of being a domestic housewife.


In Christmas news, Elliot’s chair arrived. He took right to it and now he loves it. It’s like he knows that it’s just for him; he understands. Though, this child is understanding more and more each day and totally blowing me away.  What I love the most is that although he goes into my kitchen cabinets and pulls out ALL the Tupperware, he also puts it back. It may not be in the order or form I would like, but it all gets back in there AND he shuts the door. This kid is definitely going to be my little helper. ::wink wink::

So, I have a ton of things to do before Friday. What did you do this weekend and what does this week have in store for you?

2 thoughts on “Rituals, whirlwind cooking, wee chairs

  1. Finals. Finals. And more finals.

    Only two, really, and one is a take-home that I’ve been working on and isn’t due until Wednesday. I had plans to get together with a friend to study this morning (something the prof encouraged) but we are getting a mother of an ice storm this morning. Nothing like the NE, but daunting nonetheless.

    And your little guy puts the Tupperware away?! That is sooo cool! Enjoy that . . .

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