Whenever my family would talk about some injuries we’ve had over the years, my maternal grandfather would always tell us that anything that had happened to him was his fault and strictly “dumbass”. I typically reserve that word for describing particularly stupid people, but not since undergrad I think. But in this case, what I did last Tuesday morning was strictly dumbass.

I suppose – and I don’t truly remember – I burned my tongue on some tea. It wasn’t so bad that I even remember doing it. Days passed and it was not healing. Everything I read about tongue burns reminded me that they heal quickly due to the large amount of bloodflow in that area. On Saturday, my tongue had gotten so bad that Iw as salivating and could not eat without extreme pain. At the urging of Ash and my mother, I made an appointment at Urgent Care. The doctor I finaly saw (after wasting away maniacally in that tiny for for 1.5 hours) said if I had not come in, it may have healed in about 2 more weeks. UGH. I finally got this paste to put on it and let me tell you the difference it makes. Eating is still not enjoyable but it’s tolerable. So so stupid to burn it like I did. I felt a little lame going to the doctor for a tongue burn, of all things!

So yes my parents were here on Friday night and we had a fairly good weekend. Because my doctor’s visit lasted so long, we ended up getting Outback take-out Saturday night, which was really nice, actually. My mom and I did some shopping, ate some Panera, took a lot of pictures of Elliot. Despite the fact that Ash still has a cough and I’ve picked up a sore throat, we had a good weekend. And you? How was yours?

2 thoughts on “Dumbass

  1. Love the Panera. We have one at our local outdoor mall, and it is always a fun respite from all the shopping madness.

    And the fact that tongue paste exists isn’t altogether surprising. They have a paste for everything nowadays. Glad your tongue is on the mend. Next time, if the liquid is steaming, blow on it . . .

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