Gettin’ busy

Somehow, my social calendar has blown up in the last couple days. Yes, I know that sounds like some serious bragging but I’m just saying that I’m not used to so much activity. Here’s a brief list of my upcoming events:

  • Thanksgiving feast at Elliot’s day care tomorrow, bringing cornbread
  • Dinner with Dave Friday after work
  • Neighbourhood block party on Saturday (for which I rented the bounce house)
  • Thanksgiving feast at Ash’s office on Monday, bringing candied yams
  • Lunch with Catherine on Wednesday
  • Girls’ Night Out the following Saturday
  • Our friend’s 30th birthday on December 5th.

That’s not to mention my parents being in town this weekend. Surely, my mother will want to hit up some of those stores reported closing (I am sure that email has been forwarded to you; Ive gotten it three times now) and use up her gift cards. Certainly I wouldn’ be opposed to using her gift cards for myself at say, Talbots. God, that really makes me sound old, doesn’t it? (Feel free to agree.)

I’m trying to make all of these things work. Tonight, I’ll be making cornbread. Monday, I plan on going home and making the yams and then going to Ash’s office. I need to call a babysitter for the 5th. Ash will stay home with E for girls’ night. Somehow, this actually all does work out and I also get some time to get out and not worry about cleaning, though that’s what I did on my lunch break today. I’m very  accomplished when motivated.

As a closer to this – because it is a complete non-sequitor – I burned my tongue two days ago and it still hurts like a mother. Worse than I have ever done it. Damn.

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