Feeling: cold, Need: cozy

The sun just broke through the clouds but it has been gray all day because there’s a front coming in with some rain. It has gotten cooler throughout the day and I am officially settling in to the winter temps. But this also makes me long for my fuzzy pants and slippers at points throughout the day. Like right now, for example. I can think of no better thing to be doing than lying on the couch wrapped up in a big blanket (a Slanket perhaps?), cup of tea and some nice Christmas jazz going.

Yes, I completely admit to getting into the Christmas spirit a little early. I don’t necessarily blame the advertising/retail people because they can’t MAKE me feel like shopping. Maybe it’s a combination of knowing Little E will appreciate a few more aspects of the holiday this year or that because we’re going to my parents’ a few days before Christmas, I want to get my tree put up with plenty of time for us to enjoy it. Maybe because it’s colder much eearlier this year or the fact that I have actually have some money to shop right now. All I know is, I am ready to buy some gifts and cozy up near a fire, much like this:


(click to see the glorious gif action. Won’t work here for some reason.)

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