Rude Cactus reminded me with his entry today about something I’d been meaning to write about. Last week, there were two instances in which I was scared shitless and even still, I find myself thinking about them and sort of hyperventilating.

For one, Ash and Elliot were playing this new game the Boy likes: he walks down the hall and you hide in a room. He knows you’re in there but cautiously walks in until you jump out at him. He’s not scared though – he rolls on the floor and laughs like a little hyena. I’m talking hysterical laughter. Then we spring up and go into another room, him follwing behind at a prety good clip (this kid is so close to running it’s not even funny), and we jump out again and get him. In some ways, I feel like we’re probably scarring him but so long as he keeps laughing, I suppose it’s ok. And oh yeah, this was going somewhere. I had been cleaning and putting clothes away etc while Ash and E were playing this game and it got very quiet. I figured they’d stopped and were on the computer or something. I walk into the work out room, which is dark, and out they jump from behind and I nearly had a heart attack. I didn’t see that coming AT ALL.

The second time I jumped out of my skin was when the dogs began chasing some THING into this old brick barbecue we have in the yard. Our gas grill is in front of it but there’s a small space between. I gathered the dogs back inside and then got the flashlight. In the corner, I could see two tiny legs scurrying underneath something and it looked like either a rat or a very small kitten, which would be understandable because our slovenly neighbours feed all the feral cats and these things are everywhere! They’re taking over the ‘hood, to be honest with you. Anyway, so I started looking into this old structure – specifically into the corner there – and all of a sudden, this big ol’ cat pops up and I am face to face with it. I screamed twice – two quick shrieks – and ran towards the door. Now, I am not a screamer by nature but this freaked me out beyond belief. The cat scurried away into the next yard but I was shaken.

I think sometimes having become a parent has made a little jumpy; I am always on the look out for potential dangers and yet, I get easily freaked by small things. It’s weid to think that I wouldn’t be more brave in the face of this stuff. But I have always hated jump out moments in movies and the same goes for real life.

What totally freaks you out?

3 thoughts on “Skurrred

  1. Oh man, I totally feel your pain. I do not enjoy surprises, especially of the creepy crawly kind. I find myself completely paralyzed in the presence of roaches (or other things that crunch). When I decide that I’m bigger than the roach, I’ll go completely balistic, screaming, “Evil in my way!!!” and spraying the roach with Raid until it doesn’t move. And then for another 10 seconds or so. *sigh* I’m getting worked up just thinking about it.

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