Autumn plague, 54 days until Winter

So the ICK has been going around… and around; everyone is sick and some people are sick again, me included. My cough had dried up and then this morning, I am once more having drainage issues (Draaaaiiiinagggge!! “There Will Be Blood reference, anyone?). I wish this cursed affliction would leave my family the hell alone; I’m getting tired of this. Oh yeah, and Ash just left work to go to the store and buy OJ and vitamin C pills and he’s currently getting cozy with the comforter on the couch, no doubt to take in hours upon hours of SportsCenter and nap away his illness. In some ways, I am kind of jealous. BUT, the lemonade stand is going to have hot chocolate today so that’s a definitely plus to coming into work.

SO I have been thinking lately about this NaNoWriMo thing that’s coming up – like, soon! I have never even considered taking on this ginormous feat: 50,000 words in one month, but I think I can. I didn’t realize that, really, the only goal is QUANTITY, not QUALITY. Well, hell, I can pump out a phenomenal amount of CRAP, that’s for sure. But will I want to? I am going to be editing like a fiend and deleting, repeating, rewriting and in general, probably spend a good portion of November feeling like this could be so much better. But we’ll see. I find myself being very project driven so having this one thing throughout November might be really good for me. The question is: do I also take on NaBloPoMo?

And on an entirely unrelated note (not true – I’m trying to work this kind of stuff into my novel) I was thinking this morning (because I felt reminiscent about things) about this black tin my mother had. It bore a small flowery pattern wherein the gold petals were shiny. Inside, she kept all sorts of random things and these are the ones I remember: some patches from NASA, Care Bears, and YMCA, bobby pins, various sizes of safety pins, a few bobbins of thread, sewing needles of various eye sizes, a few random coins, a few flattened pennies that had been collected from the railroad tracks, an eyedropped with a black bulb no longer than my pinky, and a few buttons in different sizes and colors. For some reason, I loved when she got out that box because I liked looking at those items. I look forward to seeing if Elliot remembers anything like that. Do you have anything like that from your childhood?

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