Catch up

So this morning, I drove through the rurals of Southern Alabama to a teeny tiny town called Cottonwood, to renew the tag on my deceased grandfather’s Suburban. My father is executor of the estate and the powers that be in probate gave him all this paperwork and said I’d definitely be able to do it. So my father pays me 100 dollars, I drive almost 2 hours through towns that don’t even have a stop light, (all while missing work, mind you)  all to find out that they will not renew the tag because a) my grandfather is dead and I didn’t have a death certificate with me, b) I nor my father actually resides in the state of Alabama and c) the person who will inherit the vehicle lives in Kentucky and all state rules are different. Reluctantly, I got back in my car and came home. On my way out, I saw Cottonwood’s little animal hospital, which was closed, but an English bulldog and a bassett hound were sort of milling about then pawing at the door, where a golden retriever was trying to get out. Very cute; it looked like they were sort of in a cartoon where the two dogs were trying to break free the other, and they had plans.


The weekend was not relaxing. It had its ups… and downs, but I was busy the entire time. Around 11:30 on Saturday, my friend, Desiree, called and offered us a couple tickets to the football game. So we went out to lunch (Longhorn) and then met Desiree, her husband, their 4 year old son, and her mother at the stadium. I must say, at least one of the perks of working at FSU is that I have faculty/staff access to 24 hour restricted parking lots. We still had to walk about 4 blocks but it wasn’t insane like everyone else. It was Elliot’s first FSU football game! And he did… ok. He really wanted to walk around but it was versus Virginia Tech and sold out. Fortunately, Desiree and her mom took turns with us taking him down to walk around near all the concessions, where it was also much cooler. I think it was only in the 70s but our seats were on the sunny side of the stadium. Elliot ended up falling asleep at one point so all was well in the end. Oh, and FSU won so I guess it was ALL good.

Sunday morning Ash woke up feeling sick again. He just can’t seem to shake these flu-like symptoms. Personally, I’m getting a little tired of playing nurse. Elliot is, for the most part, feeling better, though he had a typical toddler day yesterday: oh I’m so happy, wait what? No, I hate you, whine whine cry. I had to take him out multiple times because that’s the only way to keep him satiated. We went to the mall and Kohls and just around town so he’d shut up for five seconds. There was a point in the late afternoon where nothing would make him happy and he was all whiny and then Ash started getting all mopey and pitiful and I was like, “This house is full of assholes – I need to get out!”. Though I didn’t. I stuck it out until after bedtime, after working out, and then I went to CVS and bought those Sudacare vapor relase tabs and took a long hot shower.

And this morning, I got a pumpkin cream cheese muffin. Which I now must work off. ::grumble::

I got back into the office around 11 and I am swearing off taking any more time. I was out of here so much last week with Elliot being sick and I cannot afford this any more!

So that’s what I’ve been doing. How about you?

One thought on “Catch up

  1. SO sorry about the sickness. I hate wasting my time off work for sick self/ sick kids. WORST.

    We are good so far, thanks for asking 😉 I love the fall but I hate knowing that sick season is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. Blah.

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