What I owe you

I’ve been an awful blogger lately. You can blame it on being a mother with a cold, a sick kid, and a sick husband. It’s just been ridiculous since we got back from Chicago. Sure, there was the 3-4 days right after when work was slow and I had some time to MYSELF – because if vacation isn’t good for enough things, it will certainly remind you why you make time for yourself, away from your husband, sometimes. The past two days, we’ve both been home – because of teh sickness –  and I am ready to high-tail it to the other side of the country, to some resort in the mountains where I can check my email in peace and maybe, you know, read one sentence in my book before someone needs some Nyquil or snot wiped from their ever-flowing nose or, or, or… you get the point! It’s a never ending cycle in this household and I need a BREAK!

But really, this time of year – though I love it – can sometimes get me down. And so long as I am admitting things, I feel like I’ve been a not-so-great wife lately – just been kind of whiny and complainy about things. The very last way to get Ash to do anything is to whine about it. He works best if we’re all working together. Like, if I do X, can you do Y? That’s what gets him motivated. But I tend to get into a mood and be all like, “Why can’t you just see that X needs to get done and do it? I know you know…” And then he shuts down. I mean, SHUTS DOWN. The system is down. And then I get all mad and think that somehow by getting all upset, it’ll make him change. LOL. What have I been thinking?!? The worst part is when you know something is totally futile but you do it anyway. It’s actually HARD to make a change, you know? I always thought it was as easy as saying “Ok well, I’ll just not do that anymore” and POOF, things would be all better. Such is never the case. It takes hard work and acknowledging the problems, being on the look out for them, and catching them before they arise again.

SO, now that I have that off my chest, let’s talk about fun stuff, ok?

We had a lot of fun at the Pumpkin Patch on Saturday, though I wish we could have stayed longer. Really, there’s not a whole lot to do when he’s this young though. He was walking around, touching the pumpkins, but he liked riding in the wagon the most. Have I ever told you the ONE thing I always wanted as a kid but never got? It was a  Radio Flyer. I really really wanted one but I never did. Though, come to think of it, I didn’t ask for it either. Looking back, I guess I just sort of expected my parents to buy me one. Anyway, E loved the wagon and he had so much fun.

Unfortunately on Sunday, his ear infection began. BUT, here’s some things upcoming to look forward to:

  • Cooler weather = ridiculously cute baby clothes.
  • Cooler weather = Elliot is going to need new footies (Target anyone?)
  • My parents are coming here for Thanksgiving and I get to be Martha in the kitchen
  • Sundry is going to be launching a new site soon about fitness and as far as I know, my weight loss success story will be on it!
  • Pregnancy magazine is starting a new online site in which all moms who have submitted their birth story for publication will be included. This means that mine from the September ’08 issue will be there.
  • For Christmas, we’re going to Orlando. But we’ll also be going to Tampa for my friend’s wedding and then to Palm Beach to see my grandparents.

SO, if you’re still around and reading this godforsaken blog, tell me: what do you have coming up that’s exciting?

2 thoughts on “What I owe you

  1. WOW! Those are all really exciting things!

    And THAT BOY WITH THE PUMPKINS. Oh my goodness. I love those pictures. Children and pumpkins… I cannot get ENOUGH.

    Coming up, we have…



    A baby shower for my preggo little sister. I’m not much of the shower-y type but I’m excited about this one because it’s my BABY SISTER and she’s having a little girl.

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