Teh suck

  • I still have a very nasty congested cough
  • Elliot has an ear infection
  • We stayed home today
  • In general, he’s not unpleasant to be around but he’s still sick – he smells like sick kid
  • Ash is sick too – except he has some kind of stomach thing. Ew. He’s dying on the couch right now
  • I have to drive to the tiny town of Cottonwood, Alabama this coming Monday
  • To deal with something involving my late grandfather, his old truck, and probate
  • My father paid me to do this
  • However, unexpected medical costs have blown that payment to bits
  • Oh, it’s still PMS week, in case you were wondering
  • I could use about 3 glasses of wine and maybe a, um, Xanax? Yes please

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