What alls I did

SO, I guess I’ve been fairly busy and that’s why I have been such a neglectful blogger. That and the fact that I’m not all that entertaining and I will never rank anywhere near those Alpha Bloggers. Sigh. Although that would be a fun endeavor, I am cut out for small-time blogging and that’s where I stand.

Anywho, Spring Break week was quiet and a nice little reprieve from a lot of the annoying things about my job. But, I am glad to be back to normal, with the sounds of students shuffling about the halls, doors opening and closing, and the din of chatter all around.

Friday night, I finally got to sit down and watch Eastern Promises, which we’d rented about a week prior but Elliot spent the first part of the week NOT SLEEPING. He was good for the movie: took a nap then sat quietly. The movie: good but ended abruptly. I liked it for the most part. In fact, I even thought I could have done without the naked fight scene. It was just… awkward. Which, I suppose, was the point.

Saturday morning, BIL and I ran the Shamrock Scurry 5k. I NEVER run outside so my goal for 3.1 miles was to do it in under an hour. It takes me 30 minutes on the elliptical to go 3.5 miles so I figured this was fair. Well, I managed it in just over 40 minutes. Something like 40:15. It was a tough run because the neighbourhood was pretty hilly. My body is not used to all that impact so I am ridiculously sore, still, today. I am so glad I pushed myself to run it though; made me feel better about my entire life.

Ash was trying his hardest to get sick on Saturday and by Sunday he was in full-on sick mode, complete with comforter on the couch, Kleenex everywhere, and whiny as ever. Ok, not that whiny. But he likes to be babied when he’s ill and my problem is that I oblige. So I basically spent yesterday: vacuuming, cleaning, doing laundry, making soup, pouring cough syrup, feeding baby, walking baby around the house, cutting oranges, throwing away Kleenex, making grilled cheese, and then finally, finally, I got to relax.

Back to work, Happy Irish day, and more entries to come later about Tupperware and Sleeping.

2 thoughts on “What alls I did

  1. Congrats on the 5K! That’s awesome. Also, I too watched Eastern Promises on Friday and I have to say I wasn’t that impressed. I unintentionally realized the “twist” (without realizing it was the twist) about 20 minutes in, so the rest was fairly blah to me. And I agree about the naked fight scene and the abrupt ended. I expected so much more. Sigh…

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