Plastic stuff, free stuff, and zzZZZzzz’s

Saturday afternoon, a friend of mine held a Tupperware party. My initial instinct was to go and buy, buy, buy. But then I remembered how anti-domestic anything I am and had second thoughts. Eh, who cares? I wanted to go for: a chance to leave my house, be with friends and of course, the food. Desiree is a wonderful host who always has a pretty luxurious spread. And this time, she did not disappoint. In terms of the Tupperware stuff, the woman who was the actual vendor had to give her usual spiel about how great working for Tupperware is blah blah blah but all in all, she gave a good presentation. I ended up buying:




because my mom wanted to buy it for Elliot. Granted, he’s a bit young to actually grok the idea of shapes and matching but for now, he can roll it around and make noise. That thing is a classic Tupperware item but for the last 5 years, it had been absent from their catalog, only this year making its reappearance. Yay for me.

On my way to said get-together, I stopped to get a latte. For some reason, I was exhausted on Saturday even though I slept well (which I’ll talk about in a minute). I ordered my latte and pulled up to the window. I get there and the guy was like, “I totally took your order and then instantly forgot it; what did you get?” And at first, I was a little surprised – not annoyed – but he was very nice and apologetic. In fact, because my order got lost in the line – the barista made about 3 caramel frappucinos before even starting to steam my milk – the guy came back and handed me a coupon for a free drink, since, he said, it was all his fault. Nice! That kind of made my afternoon.

But let me tell you what totally made my weekend. Elliot has been sleeping through the night. And I have to say it, even though it will probably upset some people and maybe even un-blogroll me: we let him cry. He’s almost 7 months old and by god, I can see right through his manipulative little schemes. He knows that when he cries, I come. And most of the time, that’s really not a problem. His bedtime routine is like this: I lay him on the floor of the nursery where he works out any extra energy he’s got pent up by pumping his legs and squealing at the ceiling fan. I get out new breast pads, a diaper, his pajamas, and get the ipod ready. I change him, feed him on one side with the little light on, then the other with it off, playing soft “nursery playlist” music. Then I burp him, rock him for about two minutes, and lay him in the crib, white noise machine on, say goodnight and close the door.

But listen: Thursday night: 30 minutes of crying and a wake up at 11:30 but then he slept on through til 6. Friday: 30 minutes of crying and slept until 6. Saturday night: 10-15 minutes of crying, woke at 12:45 and I only fed him so as to not have rock hard boobs the next morning. Last night: NO CRYING. In fact, when I put him in bed, he smiled at me. And I didn’t even appreciate the touching quality of that moment because I kept thinking that it meant he was by no means sleepy and would be fussing as soon as I left. But no, he flipped from his back to his belly (which, by the way, was only the 3rd time I have seen him do that) and got all comfy before drifting off until 5:15 this morning. I fedhim and laid him back down until almost 7. I love this kid!

And I know that it’s believed that by letting him cry at night in his crib I may be leading him to believe we don’t care about him or something insane like that but for the first time in 6 months and three weeks, I have gotten 3 consecutive nights of good sleep. Plus, he wakes up all refreshed and in a good mood too. It worked for us!

ETA: I was really really reluctant to do the CIO method. I want to go on record with that. It scared me and I was even more worried about the dichotomy I felt about it. On the one hand, I knew we had to do something and all the old school people with grown up kids kept telling me, do it sooner rather than later and they swore it worked. On the other hands, I hated to hear him crying. It wasn’t all out crying, just the normal I-want-you-to-come-in-here fussing. But still, it made my heart break a little each minute it went on. But once that stage is over, it’s really not that hard.

One thought on “Plastic stuff, free stuff, and zzZZZzzz’s

  1. Yay for sleep! It’s amazing what that does for a person’s morale! And yay for that shape ball. My mom kept mine to let my nephews and niece play with it. Total blast from the past!

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