For the first time

So, last night, after a long day of picking up my brother-in-law from the airport, going to lunch, and then taking the baby around to all the people at Ash’s job that want to see the little munchkin, we didn’t feel like going for dinner. I offered to get Outback take-out. As I was readying to go, I began to cough and noticed that I had a sore throat. This morning, I felt OK but the throat, my did it burn and feel scratchy. I opted out of going to a movie with them and stayed home but it progressively got worse. So, I figure that I was getting a cold but my efforts to combat it with vitamin C and rest have staved off the worse parts and left me with just a sore throat.

But anyway, Ash and his brother brought me some soup after their movie and then went out again but they took Elliot with them. It’s the very first time I have been home alone. I keep thinking I have to go check on him, as if he were napping. It’s actually really nice! I ate my soup and then took a nap on the couch. I’m feeling a lot better now, if not just a bit worn down. I kind of think that’s my overall problem anyway; stress and doing too much for Christmas.

So today is all rest. Tomorrow I have to go one more place for presents and then I’m calling it. No more shopping. Ash’s dad gets in tomorrow afternoon then his brother’s girlfriend is coming on Monday and for part of Tuesday. I’m all ready for company so I’m not stressing. Nope, not me. Not this time. I’m going to sit back, suck on this honey lemon lozenge and just chill…

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