Domestic duties

Sometimes, I become overwhelmed by the baby AND the day to day chores in the house. Ash’s responsibilities include cleaning the kitchen when I cook and taking out the trash. However, he hasn’t done the trash in weeks so I’ve sort of erased that from his list. When I do the laundry, I sometimes ask if he’ll get it started and then I’ll fold and hang, since that’s the part he hates. And he gives me a hard time so I threaten to quit doing it. He has five work shirts, which means he can go a whole week but things can get off and he may be without them. He says, go ahead and not do the laundry, I’ll be fine.

Yeah, right.

This morning, we proved that he will not be fine. There were no shirts. And from the moment he realized it, there have been no words. So, in his little manipulative way, it’s not worth it for me to even accidentally forget to do the laundry because then, I’m punished with the cold shoulder. Men: cranky little boys in grown mens’ pants.

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